The Building Plans

These cottage and Common House designs are very tenative.  We will meet as a group with our architect in early 2021 to finalize the layout and the building designs.

One Bedroom Cottage

Under our building code, cottages are restricted to having 800 sq ft footprint on the ground, not including porches.  No attached or detached garages.  Our one-bedroom cottage is ideal for a single person or a couple.  


Anticipated cost for one bedroom cottage $386,500.

Includes your share of the Common House and all commonly held property.  Early joining members may qualify for discounts.

Two bedroom cottage  is our most popular model.  It is ideal for a small family or a couple or individual wishing more storage or hobby space.   Price includes your share of the Common House and all Common properties.  Also includes the land on which the cottage sits  (fee simple).



Anticipated price of Two Bedroom Cottage -- $487,300

The anticipated price for a three bedroom cottage is $510,000.

Three Bedroom Cottage is our largest model.  It is ideal for a growing family or an older couple or individual who needs lots of room.  Price includes your share of the Common House and all other common property.  Also included is the land on which your cottage stands (fee simple).  Thus, you gain the equity growth that your house generates.