As of November 2020, we have 10 members and 7 households.  We also have numerous Explorers.  When our Budget is known (this week) we expect to gain a lot more members.  We advertise nationally and in January we will begin to advertise locally.  Now is the best time to get in for your choice of house and location and to help make decisions about the development.


Jennie Lindberg and Dean Smith

 Jennie and Dean are our founders.  Jennie is a semi-retired Family Therapist and Dean is a retired engineer.  They bring a value of deep interest in producing good food for the community.  Both grew up on farms and really appreciate all the issues of small farming.  

Mary Watts

Mary grew up on a farm in Oregon where her family grew and preserved most of their own food. That early life experience is a treasured part of her heritage. And the community aspect of cohousing has been a long-standing dream of hers. So, no surprise that a major element that attracted her to Sunnyside Village Cohousing is the community garden, orchard, and emphasis on growing and preserving food. She enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, cooking, learning, and sharing a good meal with good friends.
Mary Watts

Sherie and Joe Rzeczkowski

Sherie and Joe own and operate Petite Sweet bakery in Everett, WA.  Sherie has a background in interior design and is an avid gardener.   She is at the site nearly every Saturday afternoon, working on the garden or the orchard.  Joe likes football and meat. He is a great cook.  We’re all looking forward to his soups.


Patrick Hall

Patrick has a long interest in cohousing.  He currently lives in Everett and is President of the Downtown Everett Association.   He is an engineer with many years of work remaining.

Michael "Lionman" Trujillo

Bio coming soon.

Michael "Lionman" Trujillo

Jo Anne Grimshaw

Bio coming soon.

Jo Anne is on the right

Troy and Kirstin Andrews

Both Troy and Kirstin are active members of the Democratic Socialists of America and of The Episcopal Church. Kirstin works as a freelance editor and prefers editing romance novels. Troy works in IT and previously worked as a sound designer for video games. The two of them currently live on a small farm that includes orchard trees, sheep, chickens, and two cute Nigerian dwarf goats.

Troy and Kirstin
Troy, Kirstin, and the goats