Sunnyside Village Cohousing

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if I’m eligible for Sunnyside Village?
    We ask that you learn about cohousing, and learn about Sunnyside. This would include looking at our expectations, our values, mission and vision and deciding if you are interested in the efforts it will take to be an active and collaborative member of our community. We want you to make an informed decision about what you are joining. The way to do that is to read our website, attend multiple business meetings and social gatherings, have a tour of the property. We want you to understand what cohousing is. That means reading a book or books about it, attending a conference, watching a webinar or YouTube video. Cohousing is more than a house to live in, it’s a lifestyle. When you feel like you can make an informed decision, bring this to the attention of the Membership and Marketing Circle. They will get you a link to the Operating Agreement and the Membership Agreement. bring your name to the General Circle for a vote.
  2. How does cohousing reduce my carbon footprint?
    There are many ways that your carbon footprint can be reduced by living in cohousing:
      • The homes will be built as energy efficient as possible with as many sustainable/green
        design features as possible.
      • Households may find they can eliminate a vehicle because of organized shopping trips and carpools.
      • Socializing might be done closer to home rather than driving across town.
      • We will share equipment that a household might need but use infrequently such as
        ironing boards, ladders, lawn mowers, chipper/shredder, pressure washer, exercise
        equipment, pressure canner, sewing machine, exercise equipment, etc.
      • The community will decide on common features such as a shared wood shop and/or craft room.
      • The homes can be smaller because we will have the shared space of the Common House for get-togethers and guest rooms.
  3. Do I build my own home?
    No, we will have a builder who will be building all the homes at the same time to reduce cost. Join now and help us choose the builder and the design of the homes.
  4. Do I get to choose the design of my home?
    There will be several standard designs to choose from. We are custom designing the home choices for our community, although individual homes will not be custom built in order to keep costs under control. You may do interior customizing after completion and/or move in. Our architectural team will be deciding the placement of homes (one, two and three bedroom) and what colors they will be. This will meet the city code requirement for not having similar homes next to each other and also give our community an overall sense of esthetics.
  5. What other fees will be required?
    Each household will pay monthly Home Owner Association dues for upkeep and maintenance of common areas.These dues are decided by us based on community expenses, and increases are decided by us, based on maintenance costs. We will have a reserve account for major expenses such as roof replacement.
  6. Who is in charge?
    Cohousing is egalitarian, with every adult having an equal voice and decisions made in a transparent way. We use Sociocracy as our governance model. The goal is for everyone to work collaboratively and reach agreements that everyone can live with.
  7. Who has a vote?
    Each adult has one vote. Sociocracy is a system in which everyone gives consent (slightly different than consensus). Proposals are discussed and revised until everyone consents.
    Before households have completed all of the membership requirements for Equity Membership, they are welcome to attend, participate, give input and feedback but do not have an official vote.
  8. What about rentals?
    The community does not plan to build or offer rental units. Individual homeowners may choose to make available a portion or all of their home for rent. The community will decide together if there is a limit on the percentage of rentals. Any renters must be fully aware of the
    cohousing values and expectations and agree to participate fully in the community.
  9. What about pets and animals?
    • We have a pet policy, which may be found here.
    • The city of Marysville Municipal Code must be followed. More info about Marysville’s animal laws can be found here.
    • Each household that owns a pet or animals will be responsible for their pet or animal.
    • The community does not allow aggressive dogs or pit bull or pit bull type dogs in the community.
  10. What about vegetable gardens?
    We have a large organic community garden and fruit orchard which community members may participate in if they choose. There will be a small space around each individual home for growing areas as well.
  11. Who does the work?
    We do. We do not have a management company. That means our community is run by volunteers – us – who do the work — planning, maintenance, clean up etc. We will hire professionals for jobs requiring licensing, such as plumbing, but for the most part, we are the
    maintenance crew. If you live in our community, we expect you to be a part of it. Participate in several team/circles, be part of the decision making process, be on work crews (not all work crews require physical activity).
  12. What is King Creek LLC?
    It is the Limited Liability Corporation under which we do business. You may make your check out to King Creek LLC.