Sunnyside Village Cohousing

Other Buildings and Open Spaces

We, the residents, have a major hand in determining what or village will contain. Some may want garages (which must be detached by the definition of ‘cottage’) and will be removed from the residential area.  What other common or shared structures might a village need? We will decide:

  • Garden, greenhouse and garden shed
  • Machine shop
  • Art studio(s)
  • Small meeting alcoves
  • Storage

What about Parking?

The building code for cottage development requires that there be 2 parking spaces per dwelling.  These spacces will be located in a common parking lot — somewhat away from the residential area.  For 25 cottages, that is 7500 sq ft of space or an area 100×75 ft.  The city may also require landscaping in the parking area that will require more space.