Sunnyside Village Cohousing

The Woods

Adjoining our property to the East is a 10-acre woods.  It belongs to the City of Marysville, Parks department.  It is mostly wetlands and cannot be built on.  It contains a seasonal stream — wet in the winter dry in the summer.  A small part of the woods is upland forest immediately next to our southeast corner. In that area stand numerous very large Western Yellow Cedars, Douglas Fir and Big Leaf Maple, as well as a dense undergrowth of mostly wild plum.

Tire Swing

Two large maple trees stand about 10 feet from our property line.  One of them has a strong limb about 20 feet above the ground.  We attached a strong rope to that limb and tied an old tire on the other end–a tire swing.  Kids (and adults) love it.

Deeper in the woods are numerous small clearings and natural settings for meditation, music or discussions.  

Tall tree near center contains Eagle's nest