Sunnyside Village Cohousing

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Sunnyside accepts the recommendations of the CDC and the Washington state guidelines as a reasonable standard for safety and requests that participants in all Sunnyside events follow CDC guidelines as they relate to the potential to spread COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 including variants) at all of our events or activities. As the CDC updates guidelines and recommendations, the community will change to reflect the most current. A designated community member will review CDC Guidelines and Washington state guidelines and make recommendations to the community. The community may choose to adopt more strict guidelines.

All individuals (children and adults) attending indoor gatherings are required to be vaccinated and to provide the community with their status regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, their exposure to COVID-19 and/or symptoms of COVID-19. Those who are unvaccinated or who do not wish to provide this information are required to wear a face mask in outdoor settings, and not attend indoor activities. Individuals who have been exposed or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 will voluntarily be absent from Sunnyside activities until they are not potentially contagious.

This proposal will be reviewed and updated as necessary by the General Circle within one month of its acceptance.

As of 8.28.2021, the Community follows this protocol.