Sunnyside Village Cohousing

Why I am Choosing Sunnyside Village Cohousing

Do you want to hear our reasons for choosing Sunnyside Village Cohousing, above all the other possible cohousing communities. You can learn a little more about us too…

Miriam (Equity Member): I’ve been thinking a lot about this – Sunnyside is the “goldilocks” spot – not too big but not too small, not too urban or rural, not too rustic or polished, and a range of people.  I expect to enjoy coffee at the Common House, and sit and see people.  Regular sharing coffee at the Common House will help to develop and maintain community.  I’m struck by how connections are already forming. It can take time to get to know neighbors in an “ordinary” neighborhood; but with cohousing, we will already be interacting and know each other.  While we aren’t trying for self-sufficiency in food production, the gardens will reflect the attitude and beliefs we have towards agriculture and the earth.

Vicki (Equity Member): I have a variety of reasons that intersect. I have always lived in Seattle or the Puget Sound area. I like Sunnyside’s location. I have developed relationships in the community. It is a feature to not only enjoy community but to be around people on a regular basis. I am an introvert but have missed being around people. I am amazed by the amount of produce that is already coming from the land, fruit trees, marion berries and even plum trees. I made jam from the plums and added cinnamon which turned out really good. And I’m looking forward to walking our dogs around the property and enjoying the fresh air. I like living near a wooded area where there is nature nearby.

Nancy (Explorer): I’m still on the fence, I’m a new Explorer.  It turns out the biggest appeal for me is the individual houses because another co-housing group I’m considering is forming a condominium.  I want a neighbor close by, on both sides, someone who will have my back, people who will be there for me.  People who are genuine.  The grounds sound beautiful for walking.  A morning walk before coffee to wake up, and maybe meet others, before coffee in the Common House.  I’ve been looking at the map, it’s close to water, and mountains; living near water is important to me.  Also, the gardening: it’s good to know where your food comes from, and support local farmers.

Troy (Equity Member): Sunnyside is a good location because it’s close to Seattle where I work. It’s close to family for me. I look forward to DIY maker projects in the workshop. I’m delighted by the woods adjacent to the property.

Kirstin (Equity Members): For people who are working, the coworking space in the Common House has great appeal. Since one of our members will be having a baby I’m excited about it being a great place to raise kids. The Common House has a kids play room and it’s not far from  the coworking room.

Mary (Equity Member): I’m excited that we will each have a single family home with a small yard. We have shared gardens, an orchard and berry patch. I am delighted by the frogs, and the coyotes howling in August when we had our camp out.

Troy & Kirstin (Equity Members): We are celebrating diverse holidays and we can incorporate relevant ethnic foods into shared meals for the various holidays. We look forward to sharing actives such as gardening together, working together on baking and crafts. I can see us creating or enjoying music together.

Sarah (Explorer): I’m very impressed that this community is so far ahead of the game in its progress toward construction and eventual completion.

I’m excited that I could wake up in the morning, step outside my door and be in nature.

I’m excited that I could literally hike in the forest every day, which sits steps away from my backyard. And a creek!! WOW!

I love the idea of a multigenerational community, where neighbors help neighbors and care about one another, but have their own space and lives. It’s perfect for someone like me who is generally sociable but truly enjoys solitude.

I’m also excited about the possibility of extending the social circle beyond the immediate community, into the Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver programs in Snohomish County (I am trained in both of these in Los Angeles County).

I am also excited to explore the cultural life of the surrounding cities and communities.

I very much like that I’m near enough to take (multi-)day trips to Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver, BC. I love that city, and I’ve never been to but have dreamed about the rain forest on the peninsula.


Paul (Equity Member): We joined in June 2021. Because we had been exploring other cohousing groups…and this one checks all the boxes.


There’s a big piece of land and it’s fairly flat. We will have cottages  which are in the process of being designed. The forest in the property next door with King Creek running thru it: this is amazing! 


And the community…this is feature i expect to enjoy. We’ll gather in the Common House for community meals, for meetings, for piano playing and song singing. For fun and community group activities.


I’ve been delighted by how friendly everyone is, how well everyone gets along. I am delighted by how harmonious a group we are. We have many different views but a common goal of building a cohousing community.


What is unique to Sunnyside: two things, One is the forest next door adjoining our property, and the second is that we have a lot of therapists in our group, which may account for us getting along so well!

Kitty (Explorer): I have been looking into cohousing for quite some time because I love the concept of people living in shared space together. This community is perfect in terms of having cabins for each individual couple or family and having a community house, garden and beautiful surroundings.

Since I retired last year and my grandson was born in Mount Vernon, I  have recognized how much I want to be part of his life. Living close by Mount Vernon and in cohousing sounds really wonderful!

I am a very relational person and so much enjoy learning about and with other people! Living in a community such as Sunnyside would provide both a blend of time in my own cottage and community living, and an opportunity to get to know, share with and learn from others’ experiences.

Dean (Equity Member): Sunnyside is in a great location. It is convenient to population centers but still rural and will stay that way because of the wetland next to us and the floodplain on the river below the property.

I really like the people. They are open, sharing, supportive, interested in the same things I am. There is great collective wisdom in this group.

Jennie (Equity Member): Sunnyside members are an amazing group of people. They are from various walks of life, professional careers and experiences and I am excited to learn from each one because they have a varied experiences and have much knowledge and wisdom to give. They are open to new ideas and new experiences and accepting of others. Our meetings are interesting, creative and full of energy. When we have differences, people are respectful and patient and listen attentively. Our group are progressive thinkers, open to science and facts and new ideas.

We have a lot of diversity under the surface. When you get to know people in our community you find we have a diverse range of spiritual beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Some are second generation, some families have been here many generations, including native first people. We come from all over the United States and other countries. We represent many different professions and professional affiliations. We have a wide range in the configuration of our family structures.

One thing I think our greater culture does not value is the wisdom of experience. We are told that newer is better and only youthful energy is of value. I disagree and think there is much to be learned from those of us who have had experience. I look forward to long conversations in the Common House, perhaps over a jig saw puzzle or on the sunlit patio, discussing life and death, parenting and coparenting or step parenting, the value of herbal medicine, new ways to cook carrots or converting favorite recipes into large scale dishes for the whole community. The wisdom of the community means I never have to feel isolated or alone or without support. I am supported. I am befriended. Someone cares about me.

What makes Sunnyside special and unique is it’s location. It’s within commuting distance of Seattle, Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon and all of the big giants. Yet it’s close to the mountains for skiing and hiking. There are excellent places to kayak and there are long walks and biking trails along the river. For those who like to fish, there are 25 stocked lakes in the county, and it’s quick access to major rivers and Puget Sound for Dungeness crab, salmon, and other types of fish. Jetty Island is one of the best places in Western Washington for Kite surfing! The county has it’s own hockey team and baseball team, along with community theater and a community events arena. There is a developing arts community, and the Schack Art Center as well as other galleries have a monthly art walk. Antiquing in the nearby town of Snohomish is super fun!

Kim (Equity Member): I am excited about problem solving! I feel confident that things can be worked out through the process of Sociocracy. What I like about Sociocracy is that everyone has an equal say and all voices are heard.

I also love the Puget Sound and that whole environment. Lynn and I lived in the Pacific Northwest before our move to Montana (a decision made because of family). We love the thought of moving back to the rain! I love the cottage design. I remember once at an SVC Happy Hour a woman shared that she created a song bird flower garden with her neighbor. OK, I’ll sign up for that!

Lynn (Equity Member): My intentions for living at SVC are different than Kim’s. We have been exploring cohousing communities for quite sometime. I’ve wanted us to be living in a place where connecting with others is the norm. Because I am older than Kim I want to be in peace about how Kim has support from community. We live in Whitefish Montana and had moved there to be with my son and his two boys. While it’s been a pleasure our youngest grandchild moves onto college and we are excited to get back to the Pacific Northwest and fulfill our dream.

Sherie (Equity Member): I am looking forward to enjoying many aspects of cohousing:

Community – sharing small moments, big events, daily routines, supporting neighbors

Environment – individual cottage homes with small private gardens, outdoor group gathering spaces, large shared food production gardens, natural landscapes, wildlife habitats, dog run. I can see myself going to the Common House to visit friends. I can see myself taking the dog out for a walk in the neighborhood and it feels safe to me.

Common House – shared meals (big kitchen and dining hall), work space for the stay-at-homes, craft & game spaces, children’s spaces