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What We Offer

Sunnyside Village is a cooperative suburban agrihood. Our intent is to produce some of what we eat on the site in our very large organic community garden or from nearby farms. We will live in 25 to 30 small (800-1200 sf) cottages and share ownership in a large (3000 sf) Common House for community activities and some shared meals. Members own their home and also the lot it is built on. This means the home will appreciate like a home in any other neighborhood (unlike a condominium).

Where Community Comes First

L to R: Person 1, Dean, and his wife, Jennie
A typical Saturday afternoon at Sunnyside complete with music!

A Less Stressful Way of Life

Within commuting distance to Seattle, Marysville is a livable community, near Puget Sound, the Cascade Mountains, hiking, boating, fishing, skiing, kite boarding, camping, city, county and state parks and hiking trails.

Ten minutes to Everett has:

  • A thriving arts community, with community theater, and children’s community theater
  • Schack Art Center
  • A city orchestra
  • The largest marina in Washington;
  • Sports teams – Silver Tips ice hockey and Aquasocks baseball team;
  • Angel of the Winds Arena,
  • A lower cost of living

Lake Stevens7 minutes away with access to the lake for swimming in the summer and boating or kayaking all year. Many amazing parks open to the public at Lundeen Park, North Cove Park, Frontier Heights Park, Cavalero Skate park and access to Centennial Trail.

Nearby, the city of Snohomish has an adorable mainstreet of antique shops, boutiques, bakeries and restaurants.

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Where People are everything

Meet the most important part of our community, the people.

Founders:  Jennie and Dean

Jennie Lindberg & Dean Smith


 Jennie and Dean are our founders.  Jennie is a semi-retired Family Therapist and Dean is a retired engineer.  They bring a value of deep interest in producing good food for the community.  Both grew up on farms and really appreciate all the issues of small farming.  

They are long time members of the local Unitarian Universalist church, which is 3.5 miles away.

Environmental issues are of primary importance to Dean and Jennie and they were founding members of 350 Everett, a local environmental action group.

Mary Watts

Mary W.


Mary grew up on a farm in Oregon where her family grew and preserved most of their own food. That early life experience is a treasured part of her heritage. And the community aspect of cohousing has been a long-standing dream of hers.

So, no surprise that a major element that attracted her to Sunnyside Village Cohousing is the community garden, orchard, and emphasis on growing and preserving food. She enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, cooking, learning, and sharing a good meal with good friends.


Michael "Lionman" T.


I was born and raised in Southern California. I came to Everett with a wife and a young daughter. Soon, twin daughters joined us. I’ve been here long enough that I feel like a naturalized Washingtonian.

One of my favorite things to do is to take a picnic lunch or dinner or an ice cream cone and go down to Mukilteo Lighthouse Park to watch the ferries, the people, the sunset, the stars.

Volunteer Community activities are my passion and I’m involved with much as a result. I am a retired lawyer. I believe it’s important to think globally and act locally.

Music is another passion. Before the pandemic,  I played as a volunteer 3 days a week at a community homeless lunch. I want to lead sing-a-longs in our community and teach kids American Folk songs.


Troy and Kirstin

Troy & Kirstin A.


Both Troy and Kirstin are active members of the Democratic Socialists of America and of The Episcopal Church. Kirstin works as a freelance editor and prefers editing romance novels. Troy works in IT and previously worked as a sound designer for video games. The two of them currently live on a small farm that includes orchard trees, sheep, chickens, and two cute Nigerian dwarf goats.


Sherie & Joe R.


Sherie and Joe own and operate Petite Sweet bakery in Everett, WA.  Sherie has a background in interior design and is an avid gardener. She is at the site nearly every Saturday afternoon, working on the garden or the orchard.  Joe is a history buff. He is a great cook.  We’re all looking forward to his soups.


Patrick H.


Patrick is an engineer in the electronics industry with a longtime interest in cohousing. He currently lives in Everett, where he volunteers for several organizations involved in historic preservation and downtown revitalization. As a hobby he enjoys renovating his historic home. 


Jo Ann G.


Bio Coming Soon

Lauren T

Lauren T.


Bio Coming Soon

ava 4

Ava S.


Ava enjoyed visiting grandparents on a family farm in Indiana when young. Living on land in community is a long-held aspiration. Ava appreciates the welcoming feeling of Sunnyside Village Cohousing. 
She is passionate about her work as a Speech Language Pathologist and serving on a homeless commission. Ava enjoys making music with others, painting, photography, traveling, hiking, gardening and flying drones. She adores her three cats.
Miriam C

Miriam C.


Bio Coming Soon

Cohousing At Its Best

Each single family home has traditional amenities, including a private kitchen. Residents participate in the design, operation, and maintenance of our neighborhood. Residents share common facilities and good connections with neighbors. All in all, cohousing stands as an innovative and sustainable answer to many of today’s environmental and social problems. Welcome home!

Architect's Rendering
Architect's rendering of our cottages -- small houses on small lots with shared Common House and open spaces.

Floor Plans

These cottage and Common House designs are very tentative. We will meet as a group with our architect in early 2021 to finalize the layout and the building designs.

One Bedroom Cottage

Two Bedroom 1st Floor Cottage

Two Bedroom 2nd Floor Cottage

Three Bedroom 1st Floor Cottage

Three Bedroom 2nd Floor Cottage

Begin Your Journey

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Step 1

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Explorers have the ability to attend and participate in meetings and discussions, but not vote. Your household may be Explorers for two months. If you wish to continue, then we request that you become Equity Members.

Step 2

Become an Explorer

Explorers have the ability to attend and participate in meetings and discussions, but not vote. Your household may be Explorers for two months. If you wish to continue, then we request that you become Equity Members.

$ 100 (non refundable)

Step 3

Become an Equity Member

This includes a one-time non-refundable membership fee of $500 per household. The remaining $1,500 is a loan to the LLC and is applied to the down payment on your home.

$500 (non refundable) 


$1,500 loan (a total of $2,000)

Step 4

Become a Resident

Within 90 days you will invest an additional $10,000 into a loan to the LLC. There will be periodic additional Required Capital Contributions from Equity Members for the construction costs of our project. These payments pay for the design and the development of the property such as roads and utilities. If you are not able to contribute $10,000 within 90 days, a payment plan may be able to be worked out. Contact the Membership Circle.