Mission Statement

As a forming community, our mission is to create a cohousing community of diverse people who share our vision and values.


Sunnyside Village Cohousing is a satisfying mix of people of different ages, philosophy, socioeconomic status, cultures and races, genders and sexual orientation who support and care for each other and the community in a way that makes the world a better place.

In our cohousing community, we hold as values:

  • To be supportive of each other and tolerant of each other’s uniqueness, strengths and challenges
  • To respect each other in all transactions, conversations and interactions.
  • To strive to be self aware, honest, kind, tolerant, patient and supportive of each other
  • To respect each other’s varying needs for privacy
  • To respect people at each stage of development- youth, adult, and senior
  • To use Universal Design to enable seniors to age in place
  • To be respectful in the community in regard to noise, the impact my behavior may have on others, and to clean up after myself, my pets and my children
  • To support each individual’s involvement and expression of these values rather than having one community mission
  • To willingly contribute my time, efforts and financial resources toward making these values possible

In the wider community we hold as values:

  • To be an inspiration to others
  • To improve our world by living lightly and sustainably on the planet
  • To be environmentally responsible: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • To be a better community for the planet than we could be individually
  • To demonstrate how consensus and cooperation can help people thrive
  • To make decisions for long term success and sustainability rather than short term fixes
  • To contribute to peace, harmony and sanity in the world

Good enough for now, safe enough to try