Mission Statement

As a forming community, our mission is to create a cohousing community of diverse people who share our vision and values.


Sunnyside Village Cohousing is a satisfying mix of people of different ages, philosophy, socioeconomic status, cultures and races, genders and sexual orientation who support and care for each other and the community in a way that makes the world a better place.

In our cohousing community, we hold as values:

  • To be supportive of each other and tolerant of each other’s uniqueness, strengths and challenges
  • To respect each other in all transactions, conversations and interactions.
  • To strive to be self aware, honest, kind, tolerant, patient and supportive of each other
  • To respect each other’s varying needs for privacy
  • To respect people at each stage of development- youth, adult, and senior
  • To use Universal Design to enable seniors to age in place
  • To be respectful in the community in regard to noise, the impact my behavior may have on others, and to clean up after myself, my pets and my children
  • To support each individual’s involvement and expression of these values rather than having one community mission
  • To willingly contribute my time, efforts and financial resources toward making these values possible

In the wider community we hold as values:

  • To be an inspiration to others
  • To improve our world by living lightly and sustainably on the planet
  • To be environmentally responsible: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • To be a better community for the planet than we could be individually
  • To demonstrate how consensus and cooperation can help people thrive
  • To make decisions for long term success and sustainability rather than short term fixes
  • To contribute to peace, harmony and sanity in the world

Good enough for now, safe enough to try

Statement about Safety

Our community is a safe place for everyone. We do not tolerate or condone racism, bullying, sexual harassment, emotional, physical or sexual abuse. These behaviors will be dealt with by the community in an appropriate, transparent way. If any of these behaviors rise to the level of breaking the law, then the appropriate authorities will be notified by the Care Circle.

Complaint process: if you have a complaint against a community member about the above, please speak with a member of the Care Circle for assistance in putting your complaint in writing. A plan will be developed by the members of the Care Circle.

Because we value safety in our community, the name of any and all prospective community residents will be checked by the Membership Circle against the National Sex Offender Registry, which is a public registry, accessible to anyone.